Babies enter the world with various resources at their disposal. Could the baby trust fund be the stork bringing a lifebuoy to those who would otherwise have to struggle on their own? 
Render below from a different angle
This Render focuses more on the interaction between stork and children.
Another closer up render below:
Below is an alternative Idea- this illustration focuses instead on the mental impact of the baby trust fund - 
A research by Heather Schofield, economist and professor at Wharton shows that poverty can tax mental bandwidth and impair day to day decision-making. Could the introduction of a baby trust fund not only provide financial assistance but also yield positive long-term mental impacts on children? 
Thought process: Quick Sketches for Idea 1: Life as Ocean, children with different means swimming
Quick Sketch for the alternative Idea that the trust fund may increase mental bandwidth
Quick Sketch of another alternative idea
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