Apartment IV for Neotokyo Suburb Project: Bosozoku on the Roof:

The render showcases marginalized youth in search of identity, community, and their role in society, forming a subculture known as Bosozoku (暴走族). This subculture encompasses various factions and is characterized by customized motorcycles and tokko-fuku uniforms (特攻服) as means of self-expression.
The project is subject to a limit of approximately 200 x 200 x 200 voxels due to its integration into a larger-scale city project for rendering and potential development in a VR game. 
To optimize storytelling within this restricted space, the wall is divided into four sections, each featuring a different Kanji character and faction leaders. Additionally, faction colors are used to visually separate the space and guide the audience through the scene of the gang meeting.
Detail shots of the gang member

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